Events and Wine Tasting

Need a hostess for a wine tasting?

With plenty of experience in presenting and organizing, I can tailor a wine tasting specific to you. Happy to cater to any size group or event, whether it be a corporate function, a wine party for you and your friends or a twist to an evening at a restaurant. With contacts in the wine industry in the UK, wines can be provided by myself or from your selection. Anything is possible!


“I was one of your many fans this past weekend at your tasting.  It was my best 1.5 hours of the weekend” – Shelley Millet, travel agent conference event

“It was easy to see that with your positive personality and enthusiasm, the (weekly) event will be sure to impress guests all summer.” – Honourable Keith Colwell, Minister of Agriculture

“Our group soooo enjoyed your wine tasting, you are so informative and funny as hell! I’ve been to a few wine tastings, but nothing compares to yours!” – Kym Roy, Nova Scotia Women’s Weekend

“The night was such a great success and your easy way with people made it all so much fun. Thank you, Sophia, for a great evening.”  – Margaret White, private wine dinner party

Please contact me via email for more details on general enquiries, tasting ideas and theme, dates and prices.

Location: As of Septmeber 2015, I am now back in northern England but available nationwide.

Hosting a wine 'blind-tasting' in Manchester

Hosting a Spanish wine tasting in Manchester



spirits and chocolate tasting in Manchester

Dessert Wine & Chocolate tasting in Manchester






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